The Artful Child TAC
The Artful Child TAC
Classical Music Conservatory is a real community gem, nurturing musical genius, integrity and a sense of belonging. Supporting them is a clear choice for anyone who values local businesses that make a positive impact.
Roberta Spatari
Roberta Spatari
Classic Music Conservatory is a well-run music lesson school/business with talented, caring teachers, and a highly-organized administration team. My kids took guitar lessons from Brandon Wall and Brendan (can't remember last name!) as well as band lessons for a number of years. They were dedicated, talented and caring teachers. I recommend CMC as a music school.
Dilyana Mincheva
Dilyana Mincheva
Classical Music Conservatory is the best place for you or your child to learn a musical instrument or to expand your musical literacy. My son has been 5 and a half years in training with CMC and through the years he encountered the love, encouragement and challenge that made him love music and performance. CMC offers a warm and exciting community for anyone who approaches musical training with open mind and heart. Full-heartedly recommend!
Stefan Kohler
Stefan Kohler
We've been impressed by the excellent music education and the unique sense of community CMC offers. Our daughters took cello lessons at CMC for 13 years - what a great experience! Highly recommended!
Gene Chan
Gene Chan
We highly recommend this school. The teachers our daughter has worked with over the last few years are amazing. They have a love of music and a desire to pass that on to their students. We love that they always find ways to challenge our daughter and help her grow, while keeping learning fun. Lusiana and Wanda have built a talented and very caring team. We are so delighted and grateful to have found CMC.
Chelsea Laird
Chelsea Laird
CMC played a huge role in my development as a musician. I began my journey with piano lessons at CMC and over the course of a decade received all the complimentary learning I required to develop myself as a proficient musician, including preparing me for my BMus from the faculty of music at the University of Toronto. This studio shaped who I am and prepared me for my professional endeavours as an adult. It is a community full of caring and competent teachers who are invested in seeing their students succeed and develop a love of music.
Brooke Lockyer
Brooke Lockyer
We love this music school! My daughters have really enjoyed both group classes (Musical Preludes) and private piano lessons here. We were also very impressed by the half-day summer camp last year, which added theatre and art elements into the musical mix. The directors and administrators are so kind and supportive as well. Highly recommend CMC!
Nitesh Salwan
Nitesh Salwan
CMC is a great place to learn music. Their teachers are highly qualified and professional musicians, and the people at the school have always gone above and beyond in accommodating my needs as a student. I highly recommend CMC for music lessons.
Mary Walsh
Mary Walsh
Outstanding instructors. Teacher selection is customized according to the needs and preferences of each student. My child had guitar, piano and vocal lessons, all of which were excellent. The administrative staff are friendly and professional. The owners truly care about the students and go above and beyond to foster a sense of community.

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Our experience at CMC over the past 3 years has been fantastic. Our daughter takes piano lessons and every teacher she has ever had has been so nice, professional and knowledgeable--they are awesome at making learning fun while teaching excellent technical skills and musical theory. The directors of the music school are also very experienced and organized, and provided a very hands-on approach in making sure our daughter's teachers were always a good fit. When we moved overseas, we were so sad to have to give up this amazing musical education, but with COVID-19 and everything going virtual, we were thrilled to be able to sign our daughter back up for virtual lessons all the way from London, UK! And the virtual lessons do not disappoint--quality is just as good. They were very accommodating, made the transition back to CMC so easy and we are so grateful!

Rosalinda Yee, parent

Our two children have taken music lessons at CMC for ten years – flute, violin and music theory. The teaching has been first rate and highly effective. The environment has been welcoming and consistently encouraging to our children. CMC has made participatory music part of our children’s lives. We strongly recommend CMC to parents who want to introduce their children to music.

Celine Lamarre, parent

My 2 children have been going to CMC for over 7 years, and we are thrilled to be part of the CMC family. The administration is amazing - very professional in all accounts - everything runs smoothly from scheduling, to payments, to general office management. They have a wide array of extremely qualified teachers and go out of their way to find the best fit for you or your child. Everyone is extremely helpful, friendly and organized, making it the perfect place for anyone trying to fit the pursuit of music into their busy lifestyles.

Rachel Gibbs-Stewart, parent

I have four children, all of whom have done music to an advanced level, and this is the most amazing musical education operation I have ever encountered. It is certainly the best run: scheduling, financial arrangements and office operations in general are phenomenal. In our case the actual teaching has been primarily from the director, Lusiana, and she is knowledgeable, adaptable, disciplined and a great teacher. Our daughter is learning so much and enjoying it all. Recently the theory teaching has been by Skype and it also is totally successful.

Terry Goldie, parent

Our 3 children have learned and so much from CMC over the past 15 years. Our piano, guitar and voice lessons are taught by exceptionally qualified and innovative teachers. The CMC environment is structured AND creative, professional AND fun. We highly recommend CMC!

M. Gyulay, parent

Our son spent years taking violin lessons here. He progressed from a few screechy notes to be really great, now performing for real audiences and doing really well in his high school orchestra. His CMC instructor took him through this journey and has somehow felt part of our family over the years. Really great experience.

Matthew Roorda, parent

Absolutely amazing place! Teachers and staff are incredibly supportive and knowledgable. My daughter has a second home here. We are very lucky to have found this gem!

Amy Swartz, parent

I have two children that go to CMC and their schedules are pretty hectic. The staff are always willing to accommodate and make our lives easier , Thank you for caring about each child's development (matching with the right teacher) and for being as flexible, efficient and professional

Christian Steinbock, parent

My children have been taking lessons here for several years. CMC is an excellent school. Very professionally run, and always prioritizing the best interests of the student. The teachers here are of high quality, and my kids have had a very positive experience.

Doug Ireland, parent

Teachers are amazing and really helping kids finding solution to learn with pleasure. My daughter learn violin for a year there and she improves so much and was very enthusiastic! I recommend this school 100%!

Tacier Joye Alix, parent

Our two kids, now teenagers, have been attending various music classes and summer camps at Classical Music Conservatory for over 10 years. They've loved their musical education at the hands of the wonderful and talented CMC instructors. We attribute a big part of our kids' love of music to CMC.

Christina Buchli, parent

A cozy little gem of a full-service music studio: professional and courteous administration, a wide array of talented teachers for different personalities, and located in the best neighbourhood to kill time in while your kids are in lessons!

Sydney Stoyan, parent

Fantastic Choice for a Music School!! CMC website states that their school “is about you”. This is so true! 3 members of our family (kids and one of the parents) with different musical interests and ways of learning each had a great experience with their singing lessons. The teachers worked in ways that both increased their appreciation and enjoyment of music and matched their ability. They also motivated and encouraged at all ages and stages over the course of many years. Both kids kept up their lessons until they graduated. The school provides many different opportunities to learn in class, to perform in competition and to perform at end of year recitals. There was no pressure though to perform and you can pick the way that works for you. For example, my child who absolutely did not want to perform at the recital was given an alternative to share their work through doing recordings. The administration is also very supportive and respectful. They communicate early and are responsive to any questions and concerns. You get a sense that everyone cares about what they are doing and how the student’s experience is. They are open to trying different ways to ensure they find the right fit for you.

Tekla Hendrickson, parent

I had the pleasure of learning from some of the best bunch of teachers I have ever come across. Here's some context and unique nature on why I chose to take classes at CMC: I recently got married last month and wanted to surprise my wife at our wedding by playing the violin she played with in her teenage years in front of 290 guests. To be clear, I had zero musicality prior to this unless you count my brief stint with the recorder in grade 3. I literally had to learn from the ground up, with lots of practice and an aggressive timeline of 9 months to complete this challenge. 2 pieces of various degrees of difficulty: Twinkle, Twinkle and All of Me (by John Legend)...Let's just say the surprise was a huge success!! This was one of the most nerve-wracking things I've ever had to do and I could not have done this without the support, responsiveness and adaptability of the team at CMC; namely Lusiana, Wanda and especially Kenin, my teacher! There were times I thought to myself in the waiting area with the parents and students I was going to hear, "who's your child?" Kidding aside, it's a fun, positive and clean environment where people are always smiling. I would fully endorse and genuinely say they try their best to set students up for success. It was so fun and challenging that I may take up the violin going forward. Keep up the great work!

Darryl C, parent

I have only good things to say about my family's experience at CMC for the past nine and a half years. The owners, Lusiana and Wanda, have worked hard to create a warm and welcoming environment for students and their families. The physical space is bright, open and appealing, and there are nice touches for busy families such as the "Snack Shack" which allows students to buy healthy snacks to munch on while they are waiting for their lessons. Most importantly, the teachers at CMC are very good at what they do. For the past number of years, my children have had the good fortune to have Sarah as their cello teacher. We have really appreciated her warmth, patience, and good sense of humour. Her skill as a teacher has allowed both children to really improve their playing. I would highly recommend CMC.

Sheila H