Online Lessons

Since March 2020, CMC has been offering online one-on-one lessons via Zoom, and our students and teachers love it!


REQUIREMENTS: All you need is a device (a cell phone, laptop or tablet), your instrument, and a good wifi connection.


SUPERIOR SUPPORT: Not sure how to set up your space at home? Not to worry – we’re here to help, and our Director Lusiana will walk you through the process to ensure you have the best set up for optimal online lessons!


CONVENIENCE & QUALITY: With online lessons, you have the convenience of not having to leave your home. You can take lessons from virtually anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet and your instrument with you. Going to the cottage for a few weeks? Pack your instrument so you can still have the consistency of weekly lessons! 


Since our online lessons are live one-on-one, you still have the same quality of musical instruction as you would with an in-person lesson. Your teacher is simply on your screen instead of sitting next to you! Our teachers take advantage of tools such as screen sharing, so that your lessons can be customized to your musical needs.


HUMAN CONNECTION: Most importantly, though, there is still the personal one-on-one human connection with our fabulous teachers, who are still able to connect with you in the same way as in-person lessons. 


Here’s what our students & families had to say after experiencing their first online lesson:



My eight-year-old son had his first online music lesson this week.  At a time when everything else feels like it’s in chaos, it was so nice to have this routine lesson.  Same time, same teacher.  Working on the same music and adding a few things.  It was really easy to set up the logistics.  Zoom even works on my really old iPad.  They could see each other and talk.  Music education, encouragement to practice daily, social connection – Thank you for having this online option!  It’s so helpful! 



Our first online lesson was excellent. We immediately doubled our lessons to 2 per week.

With her parents listening in, I bet N. will practice a bit harder.



I was skeptical about a virtual piano lesson for kids but was pleasantly surprised. The teacher was more than able in teaching S. over the computer. She could see S.’s fingers and Siri focused throughout. Thank you. We look forward to the next lesson.



E. liked it very much. And for us parents, it was marvellous to be able to see him practice with his teacher! A great experience all in all.  Many thanks for being so resourceful during these harsh times of isolation.



After T’s first online lesson we talked about how it had gone. He was really positive. The app zoom worked really well and his teacher was cool with how to use it and make him feel comfortable. The feedback was almost – not much different than going to a live lesson. 


zoom lesson