Summer Private Lessons


All ages!

Whether you are currently learning an instrument, or are thinking of trying something new, taking some private lessons in the summer may be just the thing for you!

Current students

Summer lessons are highly encouraged for students who are currently learning an instrument - taking July and August completely off can set you back when you return in the fall, taking a few months from September onwards to get you back to where you were in June. 

Even taking 2 or 3 lessons in the summer to keep you on the right track with your practicing and to prevent any bad habits from forming, can be highly beneficial.

Preparing for an RCM summer exam

For students working towards their goal of doing an RCM exam, summer may be the ideal time, with more focused practice time. As well, for students who have taken practical RCM exams but need their theory requirements, we offer theory and history lessons in the summer to prepare you for those exams.

Learn a new instrument

Summertime is also a great time to learn something new! Always wanted to try playing the drums or cello, or learn how to sing? Take some summer lessons and have fun exploring a new instrument or your voice!

We offer lessons in:  piano, accordion, voice, guitar: classical, acoustic, electric & bass, banjo, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone and drum kit.

To find out more, call 416-537-5995.