Hannah Bussiere

Hannah Bussiere, piano, violin, guitar, theory

Hannah Bussiere - Piano, Violin, Guitar, Theory

Hannah Bussiere first started piano lessons at age 5, and then added on violin at age 7. Not one to limit herself, she took voice, guitar and theory lessons on top of that  throughout her elementary and high school years, as well as pursuing her love of dance: ballet, contemporary and choreography. Hannah studied piano with Lusiana Lukman and then Dr. Erik Ross, receiving First Class Honours with Distinction for her RCM Grade 8 piano, and reaching the RCM Grade 10 level. She went back to study piano pedagogy with Ms. Lukman.

Hannah attended the Schulich School of Music at McGill University in the Faculty Program in 2014. While in Montreal she studied violin under the tutelage of Alexander Read. After successfully completing a semester at McGill, Hannah decided to pursue her love of contemporary music instead, focusing on her song-writing and performing in various venues under the name 'Luna Li'. She completed Seneca's Independent Music Production program in 2016.

Hannah won the gold medal award for her Grade 9 RCM Violin, received First Class Honours for her Grade 10 RCM Violin exam, and was concert master for the Humberside Symphony Orchestra in 2013-2014. She was awarded the C.S. Patterson Award in Music in the fall of 2014.

Music has always been a part of Hannah's life, and she has enjoyed sharing her talent for various benefit concerts, the annual Roncy Rocks Festival, the Roncesvalles Polish Festival, as well as being involved with the 'We Are One Jazz Project' for 2 years.

Hannah has worked at CMC for the past 5 years, as piano accompanist for CMC's Children's Choir, as a summer camp music counsellor, an administrator, and as a piano, guitar and violin teacher. She is excited to continue teaching at CMC, a place where she has grown up as a student herself. She feels she not only has a lot to give, but to learn as well, from her students.