Can you share with me tips to encourage/motivate kids to practice their instrument?

First and foremost, you MUST have a good teacher who is FUN, motivating and super positive in his/her teaching! Having the right teacher that matches the personality of your child is the key to success. This is why we offer a first free trial lesson to help you find the right teacher for your child. When your child likes the teacher, the weekly lesson is fun, and they want to keep working with the teacher. It's a rewarding relationship for both your child and the teacher. This is a long term relationship, so you want a good one.

Secondly, kids need encouragement everyday during their practice time: “Wow that sounds good, keep going!”  Positive encouragement goes a lot further than criticism...your child is already his/her own toughest critic; they don't need anyone else to criticize them. Just like in sports, when the student falls, it's the coach's and parent's job to say, “It's ok, get up, try again, and keep trying!” Kids need to know that it gets better and it gets easier with time.

Thirdly, there needs to be a commitment in providing a good time, space and environment for the practicing routine. The student need a good instrument to practice on at home; if it's the piano they are learning, they should have well-maintained piano for them to practice on at home. Imagine having to write a long essay with a bad pen, instead of getting to use a good pen. The practice space should also be free of distractions: no TV, no phone, no X-box, no computer, no siblings yelling at them. It's much easier to focus when you have the space and time for it. Timing wise, if the practice time is scheduled as a daily routine like brushing your teeth, or breakfast, again it simply gets easier to maintain and it will become a good habit for the child to keep up.

If you still have some practicing issues, please mention it to your teacher and/or Lusiana so they too can help you with the bettering the process. We are here to help make music a joy for life for your children.

Practicing Tips
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