A solid foundation in music theory will help any performer improve their playing and knowledge of music. Private theory lessons are designed to prepare students for Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examinations.

Please note: For RCM Grades 5 through ARCT in any instrument or voice, students must also complete theory examinations before the practical examination certificate is issued. Please speak with Lusiana or with your music teacher or consult the appropriate syllabus for complete details on certificate requirements.

Lessons available in:

Rudiments: Private lessons in rudiments are designed to introduce students to the basics of music. This includes:

  • clefs
  • notation
  • rhythm
  • scales
  • intervals
  • chords
  • cadences
  • transposition
  • scores
  • musical terms

 Levels offered:

  •       BASIC 
  •       ADVANCED 
  •       3-in-1 (intensive full-year course)

Please note: Advanced Rudiments is an absolute pre-requisite to all levels beyond Rudiments.

Private lessons in Harmony are designed to give students an understanding of the musical vocabulary of the 17th- and 18th-centuries. An emphasis is placed on structural and harmonic analysis, four-part harmony writing, and the construction of simple melodies and phrases. 

Levels offered

  • BASIC 


An understanding of music history is essential for any musician. Students will be introduced to the lives, cultures and times of the great composers, with the aim of enhancing artistic reasoning, and knowledge of historical performance practice. 

Private lessons available in: 

RCM History 1: An Overview
RCM History 2: Middle Ages to Classical
RCM History 3: 19th Century to Present

Students will acquire a general knowledge of the music of the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras and 20th-century music, including music in Canada. An emphasis will be placed on terms, composers, styles, and important compositions. Definitions of terms, the lives and styles of important composers, and specific compositions from the textbook will be covered.

Students may purchase textbooks at our school.


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