Ninette, Robert, Silas and Elliot:
Our relationship with CMC goes beyond Silas’ piano lessons. Our family has benefited greatly from the teachings of Cheng Feng Lin. He is a master in his craft and has imbued confidence in our son that we had not before seen nor expected at his tender age. The icing on the cake is his ability to play the piano. On behalf of our family we thank you for all that you have accomplished. Wishing you continued success. 

Oumie Y, mother of Diane (from Paris, France):
I only have one regret about your conservatory: to not have discovered it earlier! Each year we come from Paris with my daughter, Diane, for summer holidays in the Roncesvalles area. This year (2015), Diane, who is 16, has been taking piano and singing lessons with the Classical Music Conservatory. What she's learned is of great value and she will probably remember those moments all her life. The teaching had a right balance between pleasure (Diane had great fun) and discipline (Diane is more motivated than ever to practise on a daily basis both piano and singing). In a few hours Diane was taught basics to fully enjoy her hobby. On top of that, she gained self-confidence being encouraged to continue which she's doing, now back in France. Special thanks (merci beaucoup!) to all the teachers and to Anne Williams, the administrator, who was so kind to us.

Terry, father of Matilda:
We were recommended to the CMC by a friend and we have been amazed by all aspects. Not only did our daughter receive superior instruction by the director, Lusiana Lukman, the staff was consistently welcoming and helpful and the organizational details were handled with an efficiency beyond that I have ever seen as the parent of four children involved in music, theatre and sport.

Mother of Ryan & Josh, voice, piano, drums and theory students:
I cried my eyes out when they gave this song to me for Christmas - best gift EVER!  I was blown away…they have learned so much from your teachers and school. I'm sure you are just as proud of them and their accomplishments, as I am. It's all thanks to you guys!!!! 

Parents of H & E, cello students: As always, we enjoy being part of the CMC. Keep up the great work, in inspiring and teaching kids of all ages about music! Super proud of our girls' playing. Thank you both for creating such a beautiful environment for them.

MVM, an adult violin student: I feel very privileged to be able to take lessons in my neighbourhood with such a professionally run school.

A parent of student Corinne: I just wanted to let you know how Corinne did - she was SO proud. She came out of her exam very happy, having had a really positive experience. Thank you so much for helping to prepare her for having a positive experience - I love seeing her so proud and really knowing she worked harder in the last few weeks and saw real improvement. Now she is sitting at the piano working out how to play an Adele song by ear. 3 days in and she has both hands worked out.

Lisa, parent of student Hannah: Hannah (and her dad and I) are very excited about her 91% mark and talk about a confidence booster for her to resume lessons in the Fall!!! I just wanted to express our sincere thanks for running such a top notch program. We are so glad that we found you! Andrea has been an inspiration to Hannah after studying for a few years with different teachers. It just wasn't working. Now, Hannah just loves coming to her lessons each Saturday and always has a smile on her face when she comes home. She sees (and hears) the progress she is making and is challenged and happy. Matt also did an excellent job stepping in for Andrea when she went to the States last month. The transition was super smooth and Hannah really enjoyed working with him as well. Thank you so much for everything!

Karen, parent of young student Philip: It is hard to say what I like most about CMC. You'd think the answer should be easy: our talented, dedicated, patient, enthusiastic teacher! But there is so much thoughtfulness in every aspect of CMC's operation - the smooth administration, the wonderful musical programming, the newsletter, the community involvement, the smart, considerate organization of the school space itself, down to the very pleasant waiting area where parents spent considerable time with a relaxed chat: CMC really makes a difference in music education!

Song Lee & Jinn Chin, parents of Rachel and Xander: Rachel and Xander started their musical journey at CMC when they were 5 and 3 years old respectively. Lusiana has been a marvelous piano teacher for Rachel, always encouraging and pushing her just to her limits as a musician, but never beyond. Under her expert guidance, Rachel has not only become an accomplished pianist for her age, but more importantly, has learnt to love music and to embrace the discipline required to become good at anything. Xander started out in Cheng Feng's Dalcroze Eurhythmics class, which he absolutely loved; Cheng Feng is such a wonderful teacher for young children. It was a natural progression from there to piano lessons with him. Xander enjoys every lesson, and again, it's great for us to see him developing his technical ability while retaining a real passion for music. We count ourselves extremely lucky to be a part of the musical family at CMC.

Melanie, an adult piano student, and mother 2: Thank you so much for all of your hard work and patience with Ella over the past year. Sitting in on lessons has been so informative and enjoyable for me as well. I look forward to Owen's beginnings with the piano - Mark - he really enjoyed your introduction and could hardly wait to start, "What do you mean I have to wait until school starts?" I thought I 'd have to push him a little but he's fully charged already. Thanks again - you do great work!

Carla Tonelli, adult piano student and mother of 3: Lusiana makes learning fun and painless. Her extensive knowledge of music history & theory come through in every lesson, and I recommend her for any task she chooses to take on -- not just teaching piano or music theory. I look forward to continuing to reach my personal piano goals with Lusiana as my teacher.

Aurelia Engstrom, singer: "Classical Music Conservatory is an environment of musical interaction. Its teachers, all professional musicians in their own rights, seek to mentor and open their students' eyes to musical possibilities while simultaneously maintaining an open dialogue regarding their students' musical interests. Lusiana has created a warm, welcoming and supportive atmosphere that nurtures the musical development of people of all ages and levels, whether beginner or advanced. I first attended CMC as a teenager too frightened to sing in public. It was through Lusiana's and her staff's patient nurturing and support that I not only overcame my stage-fright but also developed the musical ability and style I have today."

Christina & Scott, parents of our young student, Livi: Thank you so much Wanda! Livi loves her music class. We're so lucky to have this music school in our neighbourhood...

Kerri Brock, adult vocal student: Lusiana Lukman is a dedicated, skilled and enthusiastic Musical Director. I have been privileged to be a student at the Classical Music Conservatory for over 6 years and continue to learn and grow in my love of music. She attracts and retains top talent as instructors and each of them help to create a diverse and blossoming culture at the school. I would recommend the school to any young or seasoned musician or vocalist!

Kelly Nadal Pye, Bronwyn & family: Lusiana, thank you for building such an encouraging environment in order to bring music into all of our lives and thanks for the joyful final concert. 

Inga Monument, grandmother of 2-year-old Lidija in our Musical Preludes program: Thank you for a great program. I would recommend it to others without hesitation. Lidija has enjoyed every aspect of the singing, movement, etc. She talks about Wanda and the other children all week long. 

Robin Wenglewick, adult viola student: Being an adult and having certain reservations about my own capabilities, I needed to find a school with encouraging, patient and focused teachers. Finding the Classical Music Conservatory was a very lucky thing for me. The teachers are not only fresh, talented and well educated; I am able to feel comfortable with my teachers and confident with my abilities to achieve my goals. Thank you CMC! 

Melissa Clarina Ann de Quadros: I truly loved learning Music History with Lusiana as she brought enjoyment to a somewhat dull textbook. Lusiana is also an amazing harmony teacher. She knows exactly what the examiners are looking for and will guide you toward this point very effectively and methodically. "You're never stuck in Harmony," is what she always says. Lusiana is a very enthusiastic teacher and brings fun and enjoyment to Harmony. I have just started taking piano lessons with her. It is lovely to learn that there is method and reason to every aspect of music. 

Lisa Carroll & Nick Grayston: I visited three different music schools in Toronto, before meeting with CMC. When I first met with Lusiana Lukman, she displayed such enthusiasm for teaching that I decided to have a lesson with her. I am extremely selective about teachers, but soon found that Lusiana was an incredibly talented teacher and composer. The theory knowledge she passed on to me, was priceless and as an adult student. I would highly recommend CMC for anyone wanting to learn an instrument or voice, as the school has finest teachers, I believe, in Toronto. I've lived all over the world and have been taught by various teachers in more than 5 countries. CMC is the best!!!

Lloyd Hoffer, father of a piano student: Lusiana is an extremely patient teacher who is great working with kids - but also an impressively successful conservatory of music founder and director who has built her business into an awesome music school.  

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