Dear Current CMC student/parent,

You have the opportunity to pre-register for private lessons for THIS FALL starting NOW until 11:59pm EST June 1st, 2017. In order to do so, we need you to answer ALL of the 6 important questions below to re-register properly and reserve your current lesson day / time for the fall.

Please start by filling this out for EACH student in your family:

1. Would you like to keep you/your child's current exact day(s), time slot(s) and length of lesson?

2. Has your family address, phone number and email address remained the same since you registered for this past year?

3. What payment plan would you like to choose for next year? Please choose only ONE payment method from below from A, B, C or D and the appropriate length of lesson. IMPORTANT NOTE: IF YOUR SCHEDULED LESSON(S) IS ON MONDAYS, PLEASE CHOOSE THE FLEX CARD of 12 for your METHOD OF PAYMENT!

*Please, ensure you PICK ONLY ONE of the payment method you want between the A/B/C/D (once selected in each category, if you change your mind, you have to refresh the page and start over)

A. Yearly Plan IN FULL

B. Yearly Plan 2 INSTALLMENTS Sep 1st, 2016 & Feb. 1st, 2017, paid by auto credit card OR postdated cheques only

C. Yearly Plan MONTHLY *$40 “equal billing fee” is added to your 1st payment, paid by auto credit card OR postdated cheques only

D. Flex Card of 12* can be purchased by credit card ONLY, with credit card auto-renewal charged for another 12 lessons when the card is finished, up until 2 weeks notice of withdrawal is given (NOTE: any remaining lessons on your current Flex Card from this year will be converted to a credit to be applied to your owing Sept. 1st balance)

4. Fall 2017-2018 Required Deposit

If paying by credit card:

If paying by cheques:

5. CMC Policies and Procedures as per CMC's Student Handbook.

6. Do you need any musical advice?

7. Are you taking summer lessons? (Summer lessons are highly encouraged for students who are currently learning an instrument - taking July and August completely off can set you back when you return in the fall, taking a few months from September on-wards to get you back to where you were in June. Even taking 3 or 4 lessons in the summer to keep you on the right track with your practicing can be HIGHLY beneficial.)

P.S. If we haven't heard anything from you by June 1st, midnight EST, we'll assume that you do not wish to keep your current lesson time, and your time slots will become open and available to any other current CMC students on the waiting list for your time and new students.

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