Noam Lemish - Piano, Theory

BA (Sonoma State University), MMus (University of Toronto)

Pianist and composer Noam Lemish brings with him over ten years of teaching experience, having taught piano, improvisation, theory and composition in both individual and group settings. 

Noam began his classical and jazz studies in Israel. Later, he studied under the tutelage of W.A. Mathieu while completing his BA (Summa Cum Laude) in music at Sonoma State University in California, where he studied with Mel Graves, Will Johnson, and Marilyn Thompson.  While completing his masters degree in composition at the University of Toronto, he served as 2011-2012 Composer-In-Residence for “gamUT” - the University of Toronto Contemporary Music Ensemble. At present, Noam is continuing his studies at the University of Toronto as a doctoral student in Jazz Performance-Piano.

Noam released his first album in 2008, “Yes And” - a collaboration with master drummer George Marsh and has appeared in many performances across the US, Canada, Europe, Israel, and in Bhutan. Noam has composed various chamber, choral and piano compositions, numerous jazz compositions as well as music for traditional Bhutanese instruments.

About teaching in his own words:

I view myself to be very privileged to be a music-maker and music educator, because music is a discipline that has within it the power to transform lives both personally and collectively.  It often facilitates a lifelong process of self-discovery and growth beyond music, and can promote deeper listening, collaboration and understanding musically and beyond.  As a teacher, I make it my goal to share my deep appreciation of these wider capacities of music with my students.

  • I strive to make the learning environment fun and energetic.
  • I love teaching all sorts of musical styles and make it my highest priority to serve each students’ unique interests and needs as best as I can.
  • One of my primary goals is to help my students foster a love and appreciation of music and of their own music making.
  • I incorporate singing, improvisation, games and activities both on the piano and away from it to develop creativity and an affinity towards music lessons.
  • I aim to develop music literacy and strong fundamentals as a primary focus while also giving my students space to express themselves and be creative.

Noam returned in August of 2010 from a year of music teaching in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. There, along with his teaching responsibilities, he established and performed in a monthly concert series and hosted a weekly music radio program on Centennial Radio 101 FM.   During his stay in Bhutan, Lemish was commissioned by The Royal Office of Media to compose a special piece in celebration of His Majesty, the King of Bhutan’s 30th Birthday. “The People’s King” is a multi-cultural suite bringing together classical Western music, jazz, and traditional Bhutanese folk music. The recorded composition was delivered to His Majesty on his birthday February 21, 2010, followed by a live performance of selected portions before His Majesty on July 5, 2010. Since returning to North America, Lemish has rearranged and performed this composition for performance by a jazz quartet. A concert tour of “The People’s King” is planned for 2013-2014.  

Noam is very happy to be joining the teaching faculty at the Classical Music Conservatory back here in Toronto.

Noam Lemish, piano teacher at CMC
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