Musical Preludes

What is it?

Musical Preludes (MP) is a program based on the fundamentals of Kodaly, Orff, and other music educational approaches. It is designed to introduce your young child to the wonderful world of music, where they learn basic musical concepts and explore various instruments such as the violin, cello, clarinet, piano and much more (see below for more specifics of each class).

Musical Preludes classes are drop-off classes, with the teacher and students only. Parents or caregivers are welcome to wait in our waiting area on the main floor. Each session has one parent observation day where parents or caregivers come to class to observe what the children have been learning; they are also invited to join the last class of each session. 

We limit the number of students to a max of 10 children per class.

MP Intro: for 3-4 year olds: In our Introduction to Musical Preludes, students will be introduced to the basic elements of music, including starting and stopping together, fast and slow, high and low, and rhythm & pitch. These elements will be explored in various ways: singing and circle games, movement, the use of simple instruments such as rhythms sticks & bells, as well as live demonstrations of various musical instruments.  While an effort will always be made by our teachers to observe instrument preferences, the focus of this class is a general introduction to music & musical instruments.

MP Junior: for students who are generally 4-5 years old: Our Junior Musical Preludes builds on the concepts learned in the Intro MP class (not a prerequisite) - musical terms will be used to describe elements such as soft & loud, short & long, and more advanced elements of music such as crescendos & decrescendos will be explored.  A new element to the Junior MP class is the addition of rhythmic notation: students will start to learn how to read & write rhythms using basic musical notation, a fundamental aspect to learning any musical instrument.

MP Senior: for students who are generally 5-6 years old: The most advanced level of the Musical Preludes series, this class will further expand on the concepts covered in the Junior Level (not a prerequisite) to fully prepare students for private music lessons.  Rhythmic notation will be expanded further to include the musical staff, notes of the musical alphabet, and organizing notes into specific rhythms from songs learned.  Group play will include the glockenspiel which encourages individual practice & skill.  Instrument demonstrations will be focused to allow your child to be drawn to the instrument of their choice using specific coaching from our teachers to decipher natural ability and temperament toward private lessons.

What makes this program different from others?

Our Musical Preludes teachers give instrument demonstrations throughout the term, where instruments such as the violin, cello, or clarinet are shown to the children with discussion about how they work, what they’re made of, what family of instruments they belong to, and the kind of sound they create. The children are also given an opportunity for a hands-on experience with each instrument – an opportunity to try out a small size cello, for example, or to press the keys of a flute being played to see how the pitch changes. 

A Special Reminder

For parents eager to enroll their child in private lessons, please remember that our MP classes are created for learning music in a group environment.  Musical Preludes helps children learn the elements of music as part of a team. By singing songs and playing games that involve elements like storytelling, following the leader, echoing, playing instruments individually and as part of a group, the social aspect of music and performance is encouraged.

Musical Preludes give students the opportunity to explore all instruments and to learn music in an encouraging environment to establish a strong foundation for future music education. While an effort will always be made to see what instrument our students gravitate toward, please note that it will not always be obvious at a young age.

When is it?

For 2017-2018:

Session I: September 16th, 2017 to January 27th 2018 - REGISTRATION OPEN NOW! CLICK ON THE 'Register NOW' button to the right!

Session II: February to June 2018

NOTE: Session I is not a pre-requisite for Session II. Session II reinforces concepts learned in Session I with a different set of rhymes, songs and musical games, providing a strong foundation of music.


MP Intro 3-4 yr olds: 10:00-10:45am 

MP Junior 4-5 yr olds: 11:00-11:45am 

MP Senior 5-6 yr olds: 12:15-1:00pm

Cost of Musical Preludes

$295 per 16 week session of 45 minute classes (NOTE: fee will be pro-rated for late starts, for # of weeks remaining)

Each additional sibling of the same family receives a 10% discount!

(NOTE: For sibling discount, registration must be by phone only, cannot be applied with online registration)

*prices are subject to change without notice 

Who is teaching the classes?

 Sonya Harper-Nyby

Please Note:

  • Registration must be accompanied by full payment, as enrollment is on a first come, first served basis
  • In the case of withdrawal, tuition fees will be refunded for any remaining classes minus a withdrawal administrative fee (as per our policies of registration)
  • No make-up time will be given for missed classes by the student
  • CMC reserves the right to reschedule a class under circumstances of teacher's illness or emergency situations
  • CMC reserves the right to cancel any course due to lack of enrollment; there is a minimum number of students to run each course
  • CMC reserves the right to modify the scheduling of any course

If  you have any questions regarding any of our courses or policies above, please call 416-537-5995 or e-mail us at  

CMC Student
CMC Student

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