Liam Kearney - Guitar, Electric Bass, Ukulele, Piano & Songwriting

Diploma in Piano Performance, Guitar, Cambrian college

Liam has been playing music for nearly 20 years and has been teaching for ten. After some study with greats such as Lorne Lofsky and Anesti Karantakis in his teens, Liam went on to pursue training in classical guitar under Philip Candelaria at Cambrian College. This is also where Liam fell in love with the piano, eventually switching majors to study under Dr. Charlene Biggs. Upon Graduation, he was awarded the Theory Award for his year.

After graduation, Liam became engulfed in composition and song-writing. This love of creation and performance brought him all over Ontario to bars and cafes where his music was appreciated by the many diverse audiences. His second album, ‘Sunday Dinner,' was released in 2009. To hear some of his music, visit 

Liam Kearney - Guitar, Piano & Songwriting teacher at CMC
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