What is Gleesical?

Gleesical is a musical theatre program that offers students a uniquely comprehensive creative experience. Our journey begins with a few simple questions: “Why do people still love to watch actors on stage even when there’s plenty to watch on TV? What makes a story unforgettable? What do great shows have in common?” The answers to these questions are the treasure maps that set us on our quest.

Using script excerpts, film clips and existing songs, we explore story structure and song placement in order to understand the elements of effective scenes & songs. What we learn forms the foundation upon which we begin the work of building scenes and writing songs for our year-end performance. Through drama games, improvisation, collaborative brainstorm sessions, and the use of story-building tools, we record our ideas and then ‘work’ them until we have a sequence of related scenes that tell a great story. We identify moments in the show that require songs and then bring in our talented guest composers to help us express, musically, those parts of the story which will benefit most from the extra energy that a musical number injects into a show.

Solos & Monologues

The Gleesical program strives to give all interested students who are willing to put in the extra work, an opportunity to learn and perform a solo or monologue. The process of choosing these songs/speeches (i.e. finding ones that suit the story, the scene and the student) helps to deepen student understanding of the creative process.

Singing & Dancing

Students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of simple choreographies which will serve as physical warm-ups and demonstrate the role of dance as an expressive medium integral to many musical productions. Weekly vocal warm-ups and breathing exercises help make singing as relaxed and effortless as possible so that students are better able to express the emotions and intentions behind each song.

Getting Stage Ready

As we prepare for our year-end performance, we explore some of the other elements that help create the magic of live theatre. Students sketch costume ideas and bring in pieces that help to realize their visions. We may get together to create simple props and set pieces which help to contextualize our presentations in time and space, but the focus of our work is on preparing students to take the stage. Students learn how a director helps to shape and guide individual performances while maintaining oversight of the whole show. Gleeks also learn about the important work of the Stage Manager who helps oversee the logistics and technical aspects of the show itself.

The Bigger Picture

Sometimes the most important takeaways from an extracurricular program are the intangibles. Participating in the Gleesical program is an opportunity to become part of a collective, and collectives run on cooperation, mutual respect, active listening, critical thinking, constructive criticism, compromise, and unity of purpose. It is our sincere hope that at the end of the year Gleeks come away not just with new skills, new information, and new ideas but also with the satisfaction of knowing they were part of, in the words of Aristotle, a “whole” that was “greater than the sum of its parts.”

When are the fall classes held?

Advanced Gleesical (9 - 12 year olds):

Thursdays 4:30-6:00pm (90 minutes weekly)

Gleesical starts on September 22nd, 2016

Where are the classes held?

Our Gleesical classes are held off-site, just 5 blocks south of CMC at Roncesvalles United Church at 214 Wright Ave and Roncesvalles. Classes take place in the 'Middle Room'.

How much does it cost?

Advanced GleesicalThe cost is $592.50 per term for 90 minute weekly classes per year (2 terms per year).

Students must be committed for the full year.

*prices are subject to change without notice

Do parents need to volunteer their help?

Volunteering is not necessary, but we always really appreciate help close to and during the production time!  Some volunteer needs include photographing the students for their headshots display, helping with hair & make-up before show time, helping with the Cast Party and the take-down of the set. Please let us know if you are kindly interested in helping out!

Who is teaching it this fall?

Catherine Hume, Artistic Director

Kyra Millan, Guest Vocal Coach

Cathy Nosaty, Guest Composer 

More about our Gleesical PROCESS!

In Gleesical, it's all about PROCESS. The final product, our spring show in May, is pretty magical too, but it's what happens throughout the year that really counts.

Kids collaborate, work together in small and large groups, brainstorm to write their own story, and use their imaginations to create their characters, from personality to costumes. They come up with cool ideas for props & the set. Then they help work on creating those props & set pieces: they paint, draw, cut, glue. Creativity in class bubbles over.

They develop musical skills - do vocal warm ups each week, get vocal coaching to learn how to sing on pitch and project their voice, learn about notes and rhythm. They work with a composer to write some of their very own songs! They learn about what components make a good story. They play drama games each week, develop acting skills and learn how to bring their characters and the story they wrote, to life on stage.

Most importantly, though, they learn life skills that will benefit them in years to come: how to work as a team, how to support one another, how to listen to each other and respect each person's ideas. New friendships are developed. Expectations are high, and these kids step up to the challenge, they push their own boundaries, and accomplish things they didn't think they ever could at the beginning of the year. The goals are different for each student - watching a child who was too shy at first to say more than a few words in class, be on stage in front of a large audience and sing a duet or solo with glowing pride, this happens because of the supportive PROCESS throughout the year.

Welcome to Gleesical. Enjoy the show in May, but know that behind it all, it's the process that you can't see, that is truly magical.

Please Note:

  • Registration must be accompanied by full payment, as enrollment is on a first come, first served basis
  • In the case of withdrawal, tuition fees will be refunded up to Oct. 31st only,  for any remaining Gleesical classes minus a withdrawal administrative fee (as per our policies of registration). Since students are expected to be committed for the full year, no refunds will be given after Oct. 31st
  • No make-up time will be given for missed classes by the student
  • CMC reserves the right to reschedule a class under circumstances of teacher's illness or emergency situations
  • CMC reserves the right to cancel any course due to lack of enrollment; there is a minimum number of students to run each course
  • CMC reserves the right to modify the scheduling of any course

For questions regarding any of our courses or policies above, please call 416-537-5995 or e-mail us at  




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