Do you offer group piano classes at CMC?

We believe that group piano lessons are not beneficial to students. When we've taken on students that have previously had group piano lessons, we have had to correct a lot of bad habits that were formed - group class teachers simply can't monitor the students as closely while learning in a group class setting. 

There are many details that need to be monitored by a teacher for learning any instrument: ensuring correct posture, hand position, and articulations that students need to learn, on top of learning to read 2 lines of music for piano, playing in time and learning musicality in general. We also want to ensure that when a student is asking for piano lessons that they are being taught on a proper good piano that is well maintained, not a digital piano or a keyboard; the tactile feel is very different. Some students have no choice but to practice on a keyboard at home, but we feel it's imperative to have a proper piano for their lessons. Again, giving the student the proper education right from beginning is key to building a good musical foundation.

On a personal note, every single student that I have taught who started piano as a student from a piano group class, even after 4 years of group class did not have sufficient musical reading skills or proper playing technique, so I have not been proven otherwise from my own belief that private one-on-one lessons is the best setting for instrumental learning. I have had to re-teach many things to the students which essentially meant to me that the lower costs of group piano lessons had not given the value one would expect.

Also, we believe that students need the one-on-one interaction and relationship with the teacher. We really treasure that and believe that it is a very special time for students and teachers to be able to learn in this setting.

PLEASE NOTE: The ensemble settings we do offer at CMC are to enhance and enrich the students' skills and to learn to play with each other; none of them are designed to teach them the instrumental playing; they are in addition to the student's private instrumental lessons.

Lusiana Lukman

Executive Founding Director,

Classical Music Conservatory 

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