Do you offer 'at home' lessons?

All of our private lessons are only offered at CMC; our teachers do not teach in students' homes. Here's why:

12 reasons why teaching music lessons in the student's own home is not the best option!

by Lusiana Lukman

Before I started my own music school, I personally taught over 40 students in my home, and this is what I learned from my own personal experience about why music lessons in the student's own home is NOT the best option!

1. The child knows that you're on his/her own 'turf'. The teacher is the visitor and the student is the boss. I find that the student behaves differently when this is the circumstance of the lessons, from my past professional personal experience.

2. There are distractions from all the things at the home / going on at home: the smell of food, the phone ringing, siblings, computers, etc. Most families don't have a specific music room that is conducive to a music lesson environment.

3. The student's mind-set & reset: Just the act of getting ready, having to gather your books, music, dressed for your lesson, like going to school, gives the child an automatically different mindset than staying at home to do so.

4. Seeing and hearing other students doing music lessons at a music school makes the act of music lessons a more relevant activity for the student.

5. Community building: the kids get to meet new friends who may become their musical partners in some cases.

6. Going to a music school is a chance as well for the parents to talk to other parents in the same situation, and possibly make new friends too!

7. At a music school like ours there are professionally maintained high-quality instruments, especially our pianos which get professionally tuned 3-4 times a year.

8.  Safety: we screen our teachers very thoroughly here at CMC; all of our studios have a window at the door and a camera for safety and teaching quality control.

9.  Insurance for liability issues: Does your home insurance include the coverage for the teacher if, God forbid, something happens to them at your house? Do you know if the teacher is insured too, themselves? We do.

10. Accountability to the directors of the school. As the founding director of CMC, my own professional training and experience is the model high-standard of teaching that I expect from the other teachers. If you ever have any issues with any of our teachers or if you simply need more advice on anything musically related, I am here to help. I'm also a parent, so I know what you're going through and have a vast amount of resources to help you further than one single teacher.

11. Administrative ease for auto payment and attendance, which are all done by our in-house administrators.

12. Here at CMC we have a mini book store for your needed new books, other reference books, and other things like a photocopier etc that you may not have at home. 

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