Can I come and observe a children's class before I register?

Musical Preludes & Suzuki Baby & Toddler program

We don’t allow parents to sit in to observe our young children’s classes prior to registering. Here’s why:

We have a maximum of 10 students per class for these classes. Because of the small class size, any extra adult in the room can interfere with the dynamic of the class and can be distracting for the students. Children behave differently when there is someone new in their presence, and it wouldn’t be fair to the families that have paid for their children to be in that class.

If you would like more detailed information than what is on our website prior to registering, you can:

(1)   Request to have the teacher call you and answer any questions you may have about the course

(2)   Book an appointment to have a tour of our school, so you and your child can familiarize yourselves with our lovely space and where the classes take place

Once you’ve registered:

For Musical Preludes ONLY: During each session of Musical Preludes, there are always two set ‘observation days’ for parents of the children registered in the class: one mid-term and one on the last day. This is so you can experience first-hand what your child has been doing and learning in the class.

What happens if I register and my kid doesn’t like their Musical Preludes or Suzuki Baby & Toddler class?

You have 2 options for these programs:

(1)   We will refund you for the remaining classes, minus a $45 withdrawal fee, or

(2)   We can put the amount for the remaining classes as a credit on your account at CMC to be used at a later time for another class or private lessons (the $45 withdrawal fee is waived)

Please note, though, when we’ve had children withdraw from our classes it was usually due to either scheduling conflicts or a move out of the city! We are confident your child will find a fulfilling musical home at CMC

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