Why choose us as your music school?

Here at CMC, you will be among friends and families where you will learn, discover, explore, and fall in love with music.  Whether you are a child or an adult, we will help you develop your talents and help you achieve all of your musical goals. We will make this journey a beautiful and inspiring one. 

What's unique to our music school?

We do a personalized Teacher-Student Matching Service for our students. The right teacher for you is KEY to long-term success for one's musical journey!

Even more reasons to see if we're the right music school for you:

1. We have the most qualified, experienced and caring teachers in the Roncesvalles area.

We currently have 35 professional and caring teachers, who are fully dedicated to helping you meet your personal musical goals. Our teachers teach all styles of music, all levels of RCM grades and university preparation and coaching levels: from beginners to advanced students, from kids to adults.

2. We offer private lessons for several different instruments - all under one roof.

We offer: Piano, acoustic & electric guitar, electric bass, violin, fiddling, viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, saxophone, ukulele, banjo, drum kit, and voice lessons! The convenience speaks for itself, being able to register siblings in different music lessons at the same time or one child in lessons for multiple instruments. We only offer one-on-one instrumental and vocal lessons to ensure you are getting the best personalized instruction.

3. We have a beautiful and inspiring space for you to grow musically!

CMC is a large, clean, professional and welcoming musical home. Music is something you do for life!. The more you learn, the better you play, the more you play, the better you get! The more you put into it, the more you get out of it! 

4. Our music studios are professional, clean, spacious and have everything you need.

Each studio at CMC is spacious with windows for natural light, soundproofed walls and doors with observation windows. All of our studios are well-equipped with professional Yamaha U1 acoustic upright pianos, guitars amps, patch cords and other professional gear, so all you have to bring is your own instrument. Our Rock Band classroom has a full drum kit, keyboard, microphones and amps – everything you need! Our office has a small bookstore where music books that your teacher recommends can be conveniently purchased. 

5. We have a comfortable waiting area for parents and caregivers.

You can  make yourself comfortable in our waiting area that has children’s books for waiting siblings, free WiFi and counter space where kids can do homework while they wait. We have comfortable couches with a kitchen area where coffee, tea and snacks can be purchased at reasonable prices. We find this is a special space that inspires new friendships in our neighbourhood with parents and children connecting with each other each week. 

6. We offer amazing specialized programs for preschoolers, kids and teens!

Besides our private instrumental lessons, we offer amazing specialized programs from newborns to kids and teens. We offer our Suzuki Baby & Toddler program for newborns to age 3. Preschoolers are generally not ready for private lessons, so they have the opportunity to learn basic musical concepts through our young children's group classes called Musical Preludes. For kids and teens, we have an amazing musical theatre program called Gleesical, as well as Rock Bands and theory classes. 

7. We have a proven track record of excellence.

Since we opened in 1997, we have provided the finest musical education to thousands of students. Some of our students have become professional musicians, doctors, and lawyers, but most importantly, confident and well-rounded individuals who make us proud! Visit our Testimonials Page to see what our students are saying about us. Our award-winning students are also achieving personal excellence by receiving high marks on their RCM exams, music festivals and by receiving RCM Gold Medals for the highest marks in Ontario.

8. We believe communication is key to building relationships between our school, parents, teachers and students.

We emphasize open communication between parents, students and teachers. Our teachers communicate with parents after each lesson if they are present, and can easily be reached via email or phone at our school. Monthly newsletters are emailed to all CMC families to keep them updated about what’s happening in our community. 

9. We have friendly office assistants to help you at all times!

We have office assistants who are available at the front desk to help you and your family members.

10. We continually give back to our community.

We are located in the heart of Roncesvalles Village in Toronto, voted as one the ‘Top Great Places in Canada’ in 2012! Our Children’s Choir sings for elderly patients at our local hospital a couple of times a year, our Suzuki Strings groups have played for hospital patients, and students and teachers have played for the ‘Roncy Rocks’ street festival and Howard Public School’s Fall Fete each year. As a music school, we donate several silent auction certificates to local public schools and charitable causes, and hold an annual 'Music For a Cause' benefit concert to raise money for various causes. We love our community and feel it’s important to give back. 

11. We hold numerous student recitals twice a year.

Every December and June we offer our students the opportunity to participate in our student recitals. This is a wonderful way for students to gain performance experience in a supportive, relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. All recitals are optional and free, and family and friends are encouraged to attend. You can watch our student performances on the CMC YouTube channel page.

12. We ensure that learning music is FUN!

We are parents too, so we know the challenges and solutions for kids to learn music in a structured but fun way.  We make learning music fun for our adult students too!  When it's fun, you LOVE it, and when you love it, it's FUN!

13. Our students become part of our big happy CMC family. 

Feel free to read what our long time students say about us on our Testimonials page.

14. We care.

We care about you, we care about your kids and we absolutely care to do our best to treat you the way we want to be treated. 

15. We are here for the long term, to be your life-long partner in your musical journey.

We have had students who started as young as 3 years old and they are still doing and enjoying music in their lives. That's the type of relationships we like to build and keep. We have been established since early 1997.

16. We have a SNACK SHACK for our students.

Kids need to have a little snack right after school before their lessons. A little snack goes a long way, and we price them very reasonably. Don't have change? You can purchase a Snack-Shack card from the office anytime. We have a range of snacks available for purchase: healthy granola bars, 100% fruit bars, seaweed, and of course other sweet snacks like brownies and cookies.

17. We have a mini music store on the premises for your convenience.

Need new books for the next level? To save you time, we carry most books that our teachers like to use with their students, right inside our school office. So you can proceed without having to wait to go to the store weeks later.

18. We always put our students first!

Need to switch teacher for some reason? With numerous teachers for most instruments, you have the luxury to be able to do that. You simply need to ask and we'll ensure you have the perfect student-teacher fit for you at every level and will help you with scheduling needs you may have right now, and as you grow with us, musically.

19. We teach ALL levels up to completion of ARCT Diplomas and preparation for University level.

Musical studies are a long term investment for you and your kids. We are here for you all the way up to ARCT completion and to help you prepare for University level. Our graduates have become successful in many different careers including medicine, law, engineering, music, and computer science. Music studies teach not only musical skills but also discipline, cognitive, organizational and long-term goal achieving skills.

20. We are here for you.

Part of being our students mean you're never alone in your musical journey. Whenever you need advice and academic musical guidance, our Directors are here to help you 100%.

Call us at 416-537-5995, or email us at cmc@cmccanada.com

or come by and check us out in person at 

314 Roncesvalles Ave., Toronto, ON M6R 2M7

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